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Thalassery Co-Operative Rural Bank

Thalassery Co-Operative Rural Bank

Our institution is successor of the old Tellicerry PCC Society which has formed in the year 1946. Later the institution was re-organised as Tellicherry Co-operative Town Bank Ltd in 1975, and once again, to provide maximum benefit to the rural farmers we changed our name as ‘ Thalassery Co-operative Rural Bank Ltd. in 2007. We have earned deep rooted Goodwill in the minds of the Public and customers over the last 71 years and reached in a leading position among all the primary co-operative Bank in the Malabar area. The whole hearted co-operation of the people is behind this glittering achievement.

Now the Bank is having 8 regular Branches, Two Evening Branches and One Non Stop Banking System at 8 am to 8 pm in Chokli.

Total Deposit of the Bank as on 31-10-2017 was 198 crores. The ever increasing amount of deposits is a clear indication of confidence and reputation in the minds of the people, which we have earned from commitment and dedication of the Staff and Board of directors over the years. We are actively involving in various Social Cultural & developmental activities.

The Bank constructed a well furnished Auditorium vast dining hall, Kitchen and all kitchen equipments and cocking gas at reasonable rate. The Bank donated a Payward namely Pattiam Gopalan Memmorial Payward to Tellicherry Govt.Hospital and its income is utilizing to purchase medicine to the poor patients. To memorise the Golden Jubilee year, we have constructed a working Woman's Hostel to provide safe and convenient shelter for working womens and students. An auditorium named Sarada Krishna Iyer Town Bank Auditorium near Thalassery, Municipal Stadium exclusively for conducting Cultural programmes is an other Contribution to the cultural city of Thalassery.

The Bank is advancing all kinds of loans including loan to purchase vehicle, agricultural purpose, construction of Houses, Hire purchase, loan for marriage and education etc. We also introduced various types of attractive deposit schemes.